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Implants & Mini Implants

We have a qualified and highly experienced Implant team here at Stapenhill Dental Care who can fulfill all your implant needs.

Dental Implants are made from clinically pure titanium and when fixed into the jaw bone can provide an anchor to hold crown, bridges and dentures in place.

The majority of patients will be suitable for implants as long as they are a general good health. It may be necessary to send patients for CT scans to check bone levels in the jaw when considering implants, but this would be discussed with you at your consultation appointment.

If after a scan it was found that the bone levels were insufficient to place an implant that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to have an implant, it may just mean that some form of bone grafting procedure may be necessary before the implant is placed.

Dental Implants are usually placed under local anaesthetic, but if you are particularly nervous about this type or procedure you may be offered some sedation for your appointment (please see info on our sedation service).

Dental Implants are currently the most long term option for replacing teeth and because they are held in by the bone in your jaw they are as close to a real tooth as we are able to get.

Straumann System


At Stapenhill Dental Care we use the global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry – Straumann.

With its roots in Swiss precision engineering and clinical excellence, the Straumann® Dental lmplant System is renowned for its exceptional quality and reliability. It is one of the most extensively scientifically documented implant systems in the world, comprising surgical implants and prosthetic components that connect the implant with the crown of the replacement tooth.

The Straumann® Dental lmplant System is complemented by a range of matching precision instruments and handling components. Designed for easy handling, each item is crafted to the highest quality standards in order to ensure long-term safety and reliability.



If you would like any more information on dental implants please pop in and see us or call the practice and speak to one of our team.

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