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We have recently started to offer a conscious sedation service here at Stapenhill Dental Care for patients who find it difficult to cope with having dental treatment.

Intravenous conscious sedation is when an anti-anxiety drug (usually midazolam) which is administered into the patient’s bloodstream during dental treatment to create a more relaxed state.

Patients will not actually be asleep during the procedure and are able to communicate but many people will feel like they have been asleep as the drug used often causes you not to remember what’s happened after the event.

During sedation patients are constantly monitored by a sedation trained nurse and if necessary you may be given extra oxygen to help maintain oxygen levels in their body.

Amnesia is a very common side effect of the drugs used, but some patients find this beneficial as they would prefer not to remember the procedure.

If you have any questions concerning intravenous sedation or are interested for booking for a consultation please contact our sedation Nurse Nicole at the practice.

There are many advantages to using conscious sedation such as:

  • It is much safer than general anaesthetic
  • Recovery time is minimal – you will only need to stay for an hour after the drug has been given before you can return home
  • the dose is adjustable, therefore tailored to the individuals needs
  • it is fast acting
  • It can help supress gag reflex if that is an issue you have
  • The patient is conscious throughout

There are however a couple of disadvantages to this type of treatment:

  • The procedure requires us to gain access to a vein which means a cannula has to be inserted into your hand or arm, so if severely needle phobic this may not be for you.
  • An escort is required to bring you to the appointment, stay with you, take you home and look after you for the remainder of the day.
  • If you suspect you may be pregnant the treatment would not be able to be carried out under sedation.

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