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Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures to help you create your perfect smile.

Our cosmetic dentistry includes:


We offer 2 types of whitening at Stapenhill Dental Care.

Our home whitening system gives you the opportunity to create a whiter smile gradually and decide when you are happy with the appearance. This is also great if you have sensitivity in your teeth as you can control the level of sensitivity by how often you use the whitening gel.

Zoom whitening is our in chair system and takes approximately 2 hours to complete, but you will leave the practice with an instantly whiter smile.

Air flow stain removal

This system uses a focused jet of compressed air, water and bicarbonate particles to gently polish away surface staining from the teeth.

Airflow is a great way of removing surface stain to brighten your smile, however it will not change the base colour of your teeth. This procedure takes approximately 30 mins and is completely pain free.

Results can last up to 1 year depending on diet. If you drink a lot of coffee or tea, red wine or smoke staining will return sooner.

White fillings

At Stapenhill Dental care we provide cosmetic white fillings that blend in with your own tooth colour. Nowadays people tend to be more conscious of the way they look and would prefer not to have silver fillings showing when they laugh or smile so this may be the solution to that problem.


This is a tooth shaped ‘cap’ that covers the tooth and restores the shape and contours of a tooth. This can also be used to improve the appearance of a tooth in its shape and colour.


Veneers are a thin coating of either porcelain or composite to improve the colour and/or shape of a tooth.


Bridges can be used to close a gap i.e. when a tooth has had to be removed. A bridge is a ‘false’ tooth that is held in using either one or both of the adjacent teeth to hold it in place.

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