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Air-Flow Polishing

March 18, 2020

We all love that dentist feeling of clean and now that feeling has got even better thanks to a revolution in dental technology. The innovative AirFlow polishing is an electrical machine that cleans and polishes the teeth with a mixture of water, compressed air and fine powder particles.

This method is superior to traditional polishing methods. A powerful jet of water, air and fine powder polishes all the surfaces of a tooth, removing plaque, discolouration and soft deposits, it reaches into the difficult to clean in-between areas which tend to attract more plaque and staining. The result of using the AirFlow polisher to remove excess staining helps teeth to look brighter and ultimately make the whole mouth feel much healthier.

An added advantage to the AirFlow polisher is its efficiency in removing the biofilm that sits around the teeth and gums. The damaging biofilm develops when dental plaque is colonised by bacteria and can lead to gum disease. Breaking that biofilm is the finishing touch in our most advanced cleaning system.

The AirFlow polishing system is more comfortable than traditional methods of stain removal. If you suffer like so many of our patients with sensitivity especially whilst cleaning then you’ll love the air flow polisher. The polisher doesn’t have direct contact with the teeth, so it doesn’t make a squeaky noise nor does it vibrate. In fact, the experience is quite pleasant. The air polishing powders come in a variety of flavours, our favourites are lemon and spearmint.

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